I never stopped liking my ex. GUYS I need your translation.

So I never stopped liking my ex. We have been broken up for over a year. Recently we were getting back on track, (a little). He said he's kind of scared to talk to me in person, because I make him feel different (he can't explain it) in a good way and he doesn't know how to express it. Were were texting & he agreed with me saying he thinks it might work out between us if we tried dating again. Then 2 days later I texted him saying, If you think we are going to work then prove it, I'm trying but you need to try too.. (cause he said he was going to text me after work but ignored me & didn't answer) anyway PLEASE GUYS.

***Explain this to me: He said " I really would like to try and make it work with you, but right now's not the time for me. I'm sorry, & I understand if you don't wait around forever for me. I just have a lot on my plate right now & a relationship isn't the top thing on my priority list. I still have feelings for you though." now this guy is known as a man whore somewhat. but I feel like I'm different to him & his feelings are genuine. PLEASE help me. (btw I haven't talked to him in weeks)


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  • he's obviously scared. it's most likely a pride thing for him. if he's know as a manwhore and gets with many women, he doesn't expect a girl to mean much to him in a deeper sense. you obviously do that to him, which is why he is panicking. he is having a battle within himself whether to commit to someone he know is worth his time, or continue on in his ways. he's scared of the commitment, not of you, which means he is just insecure. it sounds like he has strong feelings for you, which explains his distance. you know your heart better than anyone else. and he is struggling with his. he may come around, or he may not. nothing is absolute. but you have to figure out within yourself whether he is worth the time and your heart. he may have other things he is dealing with, but it sounds like he just said the "you don't have to wait around for me" thing just because he wants to see if you really like him. sometimes people don't know what they really have until it's gone. and if it doesn't work out with you two, he'll regret it in his heart somewhere down the road and be upset he didn't take the leap. that's just how life works sometimes. much luck to you guys though.

    • Thank you. Yeah, I don't think anyone cared for him like I do. I'm still a virgin, & a nice girl, his dad liked me, & Idk, I guess he's scared... He's not used to a girl caring about him as a person. Rather then just hooking up. He's used to that. Maybe I'm different to him?

    • maybe that's it too. he's not used to a girl caring for him more than just a quick hook up. hopefully he'll come around and see you for who you really are and recognize he has someone that cares for him.

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  • Well this is thee most easiest post you've posted out of AAAAAAALLLLLLLL of them lol but sounds like he's definitely got feelings for you and that's why he doesn't want to date you right now because he knows how he is and doesn't want to hurt you... you see there are some girls that know their men f*** other women and can handle it because they feel well he's still coming home to me and those other bitches don't mean sh*t to him so he can be up front with them about his endevours... then there are other women that can't handle their man f***ing other women so he can't be up front with them and will problaly end up cheating on them.. he problaly sees you as the 2nd one and doesn't want to hurt you because he can actually see himself with you in serious relation but nows not the time... and what he means by that is once a guy has realizes how to get sex from women easily its kind of a rush... you want to know how far you can take this... I guess vice versa when a woman realizes she can get attention from guys by wearing tight clothes etc etc.in jr high or high school she kinda gets rush and wants to see what type of guys it'll work on and how long she can keep it up... same thing baby girl same thing

  • Many girls say the same thing, that "his feelings for me are genuine". Some people know how to fake these things.

    Here's my two scenarios:

    - He is a manwhore/player and he just doesn't want anything to do with you anymore. How long has the relationship lasted?

    - He is honest and just has a lot of sh*t up right now.

  • actions speak louder than words. if he wanted to be with you he would.

  • I agree with all of confused19's comments. Well said.

    And I really do hope things work out for you. You sound like a really nice girl.

    My only advice is to look after yourself no matter what.

    My most recent ex is a female player, and has always gone out with guys who use her for her body, or just treat her like crap. I am the opposite, the "overly nice guy".

    When we met she was recovering from 5 years with a guy who made her feel like sh*t. (she slept with 5 other guys while with him)

    We started out slowly. I felt like everything was special. She gave up her old ways and talked about marriage, kids, etc... Her parents loved me, and I helped her move into a new place and start a new life for herself.

    But in the end, she left me (after I made her feel better about herself) and is now back to sleeping around with guys who are using her and treating her like crap. Not to say that your ex can't change and become a guy who can commit... Just make sure you don't give everything to this guy until you know he's ready to give the same to you.


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