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Do you think 9 weeks is to early to tell someone you love them?

It's really annoying me lately me and my boyfriend have been dating for 9 weeks and we were talking for 3 months before we met face to face. Last week we told each other we were in love with each other. We became instantly close very quickly, especially after we spent the night together, we didn't have sex, we just cuddled in bed.

3 days ago we lost are virginity to each other and we've met some of each others family and we all really get on well. Everything seems prefect. Honestly can't imagine life without him now, i love him so much, we can't bare to be apart from each other more than a couple days. I think I've finally found ture love in my life.

Some negative people have been saying were moving too fast and its too soon to start using the L word but when you know you know, why should we have to wait to say it when we both feel the same. People are jumping into bed with each other before they've even had one date at least we wait before we fell in love to sleep with each other. It's like people my age have things completely backwards now. There idea of a relationship is try before you buy. Sleep with each other and then fall in love if things go well.

I don't care what others think but it just angers me, but other people think they know better than me about my relationship with my boyfriend. He's the sweetest, kindest man I've ever met, my heart could explode with how much love we have for each other. He's so good to me and is the best man i could have ever asked for, he's perfect, if something bad were to ever happen to him, i wouldn't be able to live with myself, i never want to break his heart and i know he feels the same.
Do you think 9 weeks is to early to tell someone you love them?
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