How would you feel if you called a girl and another guy answered the phone?

I was dating this guy who completely did me wrong! We were dating but then he hooked up with this skank at a party. I was really hurt and now he's constantly calling me and leaving messages. I haven't talked to him since but how do you think he would feel if I let some guy answer the phone just to make him jealous and tell him to leave me alone?


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  • INSIDE- I would be pissed.but in the moment I would not pay no mind to the other chick on the phone.I would simply reply "I was just returning his phone call" and leaveit at that and the next time he called he would go straight to voicemail. If you show any remorse to that situation than your empowering him to have you all F****d up in the head.


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  • I would just leave it alone.dont stoop to his level.the best way is to ignore them and they will eventually get the hint.your better than that.

  • you know you could be a better person by not sinking down to his level and making him jealous. You should text him and say that you guys need to have a serious talk.

    When you see him tell him, tell him how badly he hurt you and end it and tell him you want nothing to do with him and tell him that you are done, no more putting up with his crap!

    Unless you don't want it to end you should still tell him how you feel and maybe mend it.

    Remember don't yell, don't go syco on his ass and don't go crying back to him. Just be calm about it and tell him how it is. I hoped this helped, good luck.