What are the "rules"?

are there any "rules" to calling someone? like let's say, just for an example, there's this person you've been talking to online, on the phone, blah blah blah. they have your number you have theirs, you've talked a couple times, you talk online and you think it's going good because it gets playful and it seems like they're (let's just say glad) glad to be talking to you but then you don't talk for a couple of days, no calls or texts either. and they're like " I haven't talked to you in a while" but it's like well you have my number don't you?

do you have to wait a number of days before you talk to someone again? how often can you call? what if you just want to talk to that person everyday, or ok maybe every other day, just because you know there's potential for a good time when you talk to them.

why do guys hesitate when calling a girl? and why in the world would you tell a girl "i've been thinking about calling you" and not actually call?


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  • If I have to initiate the contact with the guy and he never once try to call me then I'm going to start thinking that he is not into me. If he calls me and talk to me every other day then I'll try to call him back every other day too. Many guys hesitate to call a girl because she is not going to pick up the line. You could call the guy everyday if he doesn't mind but you have to make sure that he really like you back and doesn't think you crazy.