Im I a bad boyfriend?

I won't go into long details as there is so much I can't put everything into words.
My and my girlfriend have been dating for 1 year and a half now.
This year i found out she was cheating. I saw messages on her phone.
She first told me nothing happened execpt chatting.
Then I found out she went to a party and she was grinding the guy there.
She told me that she was drunk and nothing happened.
I later found out she used to text her every day saying things like I love you etc.
I then found out that she went to several parties and *danced* with many other *friends* while in relationship with me.

I confronted her about all of these issues and she told me that she will change.
That she will do anything to keep our relationship going.
So far she has done everything i asked her.
Except that when I tell her that I want to know what really happened wifh the guy she cheated me with, she gets moody, ends up blocking me on social media.

I once called the guy and ask him to show me their chat log.. He called her and she told him to erase *, some text messages they exchanged* before showing me screenshots..
Her reasoning is that she didn't want to lose me.

I am not perfect. I can't seem to move on until i know the whole thruth. But she won't give me that.

Im I a bad boyfriend for wanting to know so desperately what really happened?

Nb:sex between us hasn't been great since I found out.. Sometimes i feel that she doesn't want me.. Is it because she had been with someone else?
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Im I a bad boyfriend?
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