My girlfriend has anxiety?

My girl struggles with anxiety. It tells her lies such as she can't be open and stuff towards me. She says she can't cause her mind tells her if she is open I'll just take advantage of it. I tell her all the time I'll accept anything about her and she knows I truly love her but yet, she closes me off emotionally. How do I be in a relationship with someone that let's anxiety influence everything? She also said since she lives in a city where people come and go it gives her committing issues too. So that's also why she isn't open. Her mind has told her everything is temporary. So I guess the question is this. What can I do to see her view? Should I leave her? should I stay? Should I be patient? I've made it known she can be herself but with her closing herself off constantly it hurts me so much. I'm lost and she isn't making it easier by shutting me down daily. She says she is trying but yet she acts like that. I need help in this badly, thanks. message me if you want
My girlfriend has anxiety?
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