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Whats going on with my girl friend?

My girl friend of 6 months was fine, she was extra clingy it was unbearable throughout the months but I didn't say anything.

She was out of town for a few days, she tried calling me once but my phone was off. Also all her friends bailed on her plans that week.

We were texting as usual and then all of a sudden she turned cold like a flip switch she stopped texting, I thought she needed space, I reached out to her 2 days of no contact checked on her and she was dry.

I didn't text her again. She reached to me two days later wanting to meet up. On the day of meeting up she said she doesn't think she can make it when she actually intiated it.

We barely sent two lines over text in the past week when she usually doesn't stop texting and wants to meet everyday.

What's going on exactly?
3 mo
Thanks for your help. I'll text her and break it off.
Whats going on with my girl friend?
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