A cutie from class asked me out but what's going on?

So, there's this guy in my class that I always thought was so cute. I'd look at him and get all nervous when he'd look back.

Anyway, long story short, he asked me out last week. I gave him my number, and after the lecture we were at let out, he called me immediately and left a message saying he wanted to maybe do something over the weekend.

So, we've been texting for about a week now; just funny stuff back and forth. Not a TON of texting, just light and sorta flirty stuff.

He suggested we go to a movie or something, so I asked him "when?" he asked when I was free, so I told him Wednesday or Saturday. He never responded to set anything up.

I'm not pushing it or anything; just keeping it light.

I saw him in class today and we didn't say hello or anything, and he was the first one out the door.

He texted me by the time I had gotten to my car.


Opinions on what is going on?


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  • Maybe he was busy, what did he text you? When I am talking with a guy and getting to know them I text but don't find it imperative to constantly text them, your in the beginning stages of getting to know each other so be patient.

    • he texted and said "i never got my prize"... which was a joke- the day before I said he'd "won" for funniest response for a text I'd meant to send one of my guy friends...

      anyway, I told him I "ate his prize"... then he said "whatever it was I bet it tasted phenomenal"... (which I think was a reference to something sexy... if you catch my drift)

      he's texted a few times today... stuff like "doing anything fun before work?" "find anything good at the store?" etc.

    • yeah he is still interested.