A little curiosity on ex-boyfriend?

guys how can we as girls know when our ex-boyfriend is over us ? be real and honest? what are the most obvious most shown details?


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  • frankly you will never know. there are many people who give of the impression like theyre over their ex eg. flings, dating someone new, constant photos with other guys/girls on facebook etc. but the truth is you never really know how a person feels about you inside. that's for them to know and only them. sometimes they may not be over you but the feeling isn't strong enough for them to want to act on it and that's when its best to move on. there's no saying if you will ever see or hear from this person again but I can guarantee you you will meet someone else. as much as you don't want to even hear about dating anyone else right now its a fact. you will and you will be very happy in time to come


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