What is one thing most every guy likes??

a girl to do or look like?


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  • It depends, if she is my girlfriend or just a fling.

    Which one were you asking about?

    • Well like if your interested in her...

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    • Im just wondering because I am having problems...lol that sounds weird but, no guys like me and I don't know why...

    • If you're really hot then all the guys would be too intimidated by you and think you are already taken.

      If you're really ugly then you have to have something else going for you, like having a sense of humour or knowledge about sport or being confident. I don't know which advice you should take.

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  • Is this a trick question?

    I have never met a guy or anyone for that matter who doesn't like having an orgasm. So I am going to have to go with sex as my final answer.

  • Every guy loves a naked girl. Can't get any more likable than that.


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