Why hasn't she responded to my text?

Monday, I asked this woman in my college class for her number. After, I got her number she said maybe we can hang out during spring break, which is next week. I texted her the same night (8 hours later), and she got responded back. Then we texted on Tuesday, and it was a great casual conversation. I asked her what she was doing for lunch the following day, but she said she was busy and asked me for another date. I said I don't know yet, and I told her I had to leave so I said goodnight to her.

Now I texted her on Wednesday, but she has not responded yet. I am being patient about this, I know she is busy with college and work now. Maybe I came off as too clingy or needy. We have been talking since January, everything is going fine she likes to hang out with me at college. I sit with her a lot and talked to her. She seemed really interested in me, because she wanted me to sit and talk with her.

I have not called her yet, maybe she wants me to call to make plans with her. Or she either lost interest with or is too busy. I don't know now, should I just wait for her to text me back. Is she playing hard to get now. Should I call her tonight.


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  • Stop texting her! Your coming on too strong let her text you back now


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