I need to get over a guy, needed advice from guys and girls?

I need to get over a guy ... I was crushing on him badly, and even planned on going talking to him.

Then, I heard he was in love with a friend of mine...

Please, how do I have to get over this?


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  • Well, put it this way, you don't want to be with a guy that doesn't feel attracted to you, and is attracted to someone else, or you'll be miserable. Any feelings will only be temporary and in the end will leave you with emptiness. Consider the fact that while you are young, there are still many options out there for dating and discovering what really clicks for you. Look pass this guy and look for another. Take time first, because you don't want the other guy to just be some rebound, and then consider to yourself that this will help you to be happy with someone that you are attracted to and who is also attracted to you. Its a two-way-necessary street.

    • Thanks. You're the only one who had a kind of serious answer to this question.

      Thanks again ;) x

    • Yeah ... I noticed... had to comment, lol, hope all goes well for you though.

    • Thanks, and yea... I don't have to go to school for a week, so now I am good.

      Only hoping that stuff won't get even worse on next Monday ^^ x

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  • time.

    going and having sex with hotter guys always helps.

  • Rebound guy


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