What do you when you are tired of dating?

When dating seems so difficult and you don't find any good results.


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  • Hello,

    first if dating a girl becomes difficult.. get out, its that simple.

    second, your less then 25.. why on earth are you complaining about bad dates?.. like I said above.. if a girl your dating is causing you greif.. DUMP HER.. do it by text or if you don't want to do then just stop calling her and don't reply to her calls or texts and she'll get the message..

    third.. at this time in your life you should just be playing the game and having fun.. figgure out what you want and begin to look for it when you hit your mid 30's

    and finaly, girls are just people brother.. there's nothing magical or special about them as a group so don't take them to heart..

    Have fun and good luck