Did I blow it with this girl?

So the other night I cooked a girl dinner at my place and we ended up watching a movie after. During the movie she moved closer to me and eventually was like leaning on my side. She then crossed her legs towards me so I took the opportunity to start rubbing her leg and then holding her hand. The whole time she was playing with her hair and kinda fidgeting around. After the movie I ended up just taking her home and giving her a kiss on the cheek after we hugged good night. Were these all signs that she wanted me to kiss her and maybe even more and did I blow it?

So it's been a few days and I've barely talked to her. She barely responds to my texts and sometimes doesn't. What should I do? Is she telling me she's over me by ignoring me?


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  • I don't think you blew it at all. I mean, yeah things probably could have gone farther, but I don't think this is a hopeless situation.

    • Ok thanks. What are some signs that I should look for in the future that things can go further next time we hang out? These same ones again?

    • The same ones, especially the leaning towards you and attempting to get physically close to you. That's what I do when I'm interested in a guy, so I'd imagine it'd be the same for her.

    • Ok thanks.

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  • Could you have kissed her? Sure, you could have. However, you didn't blow it.

    • OK. Yea I mean she said after that she had a really nice time and that I was a really good cook and is still talking to me. But I feel that I just missed an opportunity I could have capitalized on. I like wanted to kiss her when watching the movie but didn't know how she gonna react.

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    • It could mean that. At this point, you can be super ballsy and directly tell her that you like her.

    • Ok. I guess I'll just wait it out, because yesterday I texted her again and she was at work so I'm assuming that's why she never responded to my earlier one. And I asked her if she wanted to do something this weekend but is gonna be out of town, but she suggested next week. So I guess I'll just take it from there and maybe tell her how I feel next week.