Do girls care where their first kiss is in a new relationship?

We've been on a date already, and things went very well ;)

We cuddled a lot and were holding hands, but she seemed a bit nervous so I didn't kiss her.

Now we're going on our second date.. I haven't seen her in five days or so because of our conflicting work schedules. My question is, does it really matter when and where I kiss her so long as I don't lunge in?

For example, I was thinking of when I meet her up at the place, walking towards her right at the greeting, getting close looking in her eyes and saying how pretty she looks tonight and how much I've wanted to see her, and then just kiss her, right there at the beginning of the date.

Should I not worry about who is around... or get her giving me signals to kiss her, or wait until we are alone or something like that? I just want to kiss her from the start so that the rest of the date we can be really close and relax, cause I think she still is a bit nervous around me.


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  • I don't know about other girls, but I care a lot about a first kiss! You shouldn't orchestrate it too much, so please just go with the moment... read her signals the best you can.

    • Thanks for the insight you're right. I'm just going to have a good time with her, and when she seems comfortable and open to me, I'll go for it. So simple haha, why didn't I realize it.

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    • But don't get the wrong idea... I wasn't outwardly begging him to kiss me or anything. Inside I was just wondering if he was EVER going to do it. So when he did do it, I was definitely ready. Have a good date, cutie!

    • that's my main concern.. is that outwardly she gets nervous when I get close. We were cuddling the other day and her hands were cold, she wasn't facing me.. not the best signals to kiss her. But she is really attracted to me so I know she wants to kiss.. It's just a mattter of making her more comfortable and then seizing that moment and kissing her.

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  • Well make sure you guys are alone just in case nervousness gets the better of either of you. You should wait for a pause in the conversation so you can just move in but make sure she's prepared. She may have been anticipating your kiss last time that may have been why she was so nervous. You could always watch a movie where there is a kiss somewhere at the beginning and then you could look at her and try to move in then you guys can be all relaxed and chill for the rest of the date.

  • I want my first kiss to feel real and not planned because every time its planned it goes wrong. I want it to be spontaneous and feel like its the first time ever in the world I've been kissed I don't noe but I have to feel sparks maybe its juss me. I'm juss one girl but that's how I feel


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