Would You Still Date Someone If They Had a Bad Past?

I just started dating a wonderful guy a month ago. He is very mature, attentive, sweet, and he treats me really well. I've been holding back some information about myself because I'm afraid he will judge me.

My family history isn't the best.
My dad has undiagnosed anger problems and abused my mom. My mom left him when I was young and struggled to financially support me and my older sister. The court agreement required my sister and I to visit my dad twice a month during which he was aggressive but never hit us. My mom has struggled through multiple marriages and the only guy who was actually genuine died of cancer. My dad is currently married to nice women who he emotionally abuses but she refuses to leave him.
I've been sexually assaulted by my ex boyfriend who threated suicide when I broke up with him and had to deal with a creepy peeping tom who stalked my window with a camera. There was a time in my life where I was depressed and self harmed.

So a lot of shit but I got through it and am I'm ok now... I know other people have it much worse.

New guy on the other hand grew up in a loving family with both parents and two siblings. He was raised on a beautiful 16 acre farm where he was home schooled by his mom. He is very smart and started college at 16 and is now completing his PhD. Granted, he could have some baggage that he hasn't told me about yet.

I want to tell him these things about me but I don't want to scare him off. I don't want him to think I'm broken, crazy, depressed, or need saving. I really am healthy, happy, and successful! While these past experiences have made an impact on me (and stress me out sometimes) I've learned how to manage and live my life fully without inhibition.

How should I tell him? Should I wait longer? I'm positive he really likes me and I like him too.
Would You Still Date Someone If They Had a Bad Past?
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