How to ask a girl out you haven't seen in a while?

I asked this girl out a few months ago and she said she would love to in the near future but not right now because it was really close to Christmas and a lot was going on right now. So I got her number and never followed through with it. I was busy too and just kinda forgot about her. I was just reminded of her a few days ago and was wondering how to ask her out again. Any tips or suggestions on how to go about doing this.

I was planing on just calling/texting her and directly asking but I'm not really sure if that would seem odd or not.

I mostly just want to know if it would seem weird that I just called out of nowhere asking for a date. Even though we haven't seen each other in months.


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  • You should call her and say hey its (insert your name here) I was wondering what you're doing (insert day) so we can catch up. Maybe we could (insert casual activity) or you could rephrase that any way you want to. Just be casual say you want to catch up with her.

  • just text her directly


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