Dating someone who I have never met in person, got set up by my best friend?

so here's the dealio... I got set up with my best friend last year with this guy for my birthday (august) but that didn't fall through and instead he had to move all the way to france. 4 months down the track I ask my friend for his email because she started mentioning him again and he seemed like a cool guy to be friends with. I finally got his email in december and we started talking and we pretty much had a connection... then a while later my best friend tells me that he's sent me a present which turned out to be a snowglobe for my collection :) then as a nice gesture I send him something back for his upcoming birthday and Valentine's and it arrives just before Valentine's day... and on Valentine's day he got my best friend to do all these cute things for me and ask me to be his girlfriend and I said yes.

so we've nearly been dating for about a month now and I just want to know, should I mention the fact we've been dating for a month and have some way to celebrate it?

and also, they say that long distance relationships don't last but I was just wondering that if you think ours would? especially based on the fact that we haven't physically met yet... does that make the chances any slimmer?


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  • i think Your age makes a bigger difference than the distance,ugh,prom is coming and You kinda need a real date?

    • umm yeahh age is a big factor as to me wondering if it'll last like I want it to! and I live in australia so our formal isn't until sept. and we don't really do the whole dates thing, just usually go with friends :)

  • i think You answered Your own question in Your post comment ..well done :D

    • hahahahaa well the question is pretty much irrelevant now since our 2nd month is coming up soon :p and I wasn't really thinking of a date to formal anyways :P

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