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Should I ask him to be official?

When I was in school he was a few years below me and I remember he used to have this obsession with me. His mum was friends with my mum so he was a family friend and when he joined the school I remember he used to come bouncing over at the end of the day to walk home with me and I’d roll my eyes and take him home. He tried everything to get with me, every trick in the book and despite being a few years younger than me, I have to admit, he was/is a smooth talker but this kid would not stop trying for years. Cut to a few years we have both left school and I’m starting to see him as an adult. He’s 17 and I’m 21 and we’ve had sex now, I know, I let him hit I mean, he deserves it he didn’t give up bless him. Anyway, now I’m 23 and he’s 19 and we have this on and off/ friends with benefits relationship and since the first time we had sex, this is the only way I can describe it, it’s like I’ve been addicted to it. We have this weird relationship going on and have had this for 2 years but during the last 6-7 months we’ve started getting jealous at us seeing different people etc... should I ask to make it official and ask him to be my actual boyfriend?
Should I ask him to be official?
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