Is it OK for a guy to call a female friend babe?

My boyfriend has a couple of female friends whom I've met and have no problem with them being friends. But the other day I was using his phone to send a text for him and I saw him call one of the babe. I thought I was the only one he called this, he is definitely the only one I call babe. Well I went through the other texts, bad I know, and I saw him calling other gf's babe and telling them he missed them and he loved them. I was upset after seeing this, I know them and we've all gone out together but know if something is going on I feel like a fool. I haven't talked to him about it yet because I'm unsure if I'm overreacting. And how do I approach him about it?


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  • Your Boyfriend is telling other women he misses & loves them? If I caught my Girlfriend doing that she would be gone.


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