How to get a guy to kiss me?

Ive never had a boyfriend and I'm 16. I've never kissed anyone either. I'm OK with waiting for finding the right guy but I do want to know what to do when I get a boyfriend so

Please share any tips for first kisses.


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  • there are two mistakes I found inexperienced girls do, one is to overconpensate and be way too aggressive, shoving their tongue down the guys throat, it's a terrible kiss, the other is too be too shy, pull away and not open their mouth for tongue at all. The best thing to do is just go with the flow and be open to whatever happens, if there is tongue let there be tongue, but avoid forcing anything


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  • Well you should let the guy lean in first and make sure you wrap your hands around this neck to pull him creates a more intamate mood:)

  • Practise makes perfect :) get out to clubs and just make out with the hot guy who dances with you on the dance floor.

    Tips: don't go overboard trying to be the best kisser.. no one likes the helicopter tongue. Soft and slow is best if you're unsure.

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