Guys, do you think he considered it a date or 'friends going out'?

Saturday night, he talked to me online saying we should meet and he said he'd text me later. I really like him but we're not dating I think...

We met at a club and I was with two of my friends (girls) but they left and hooked up and I ended up alone with him at this club drinking, talking, dancing, fooling around etc...

First he bought me and my friend a drink, then I offered to buy him a drink cause we're just friends I suppose and he said yes, then I bought another drink.. lol.. and didn't offer him and he bought one for himself.

We were sort of alone and it was really loud in the club so to talk you have to kind of get close. lol. Then we went to find my friends and since they both hooked up we saw them like making out with these guys lol and it was sort of awkward and funny ( we were like surrounded with people making out! ) And even the barman thought we were together cause when I went to buy the drinks he looked at him expecting HIM to pay lol but I did.

Then he started getting a bit drunk I guess and was singing along with the club music haha... and the song was saying 'I wanna make up right na na now..' and he was singing loudly in my ears ' I wanna make out right na na now..' He knew the words to the song, it wasn't a mistake lol . I asked him " Are you saying I wanna make out instead of make up?"

He started laughing, throwing his hands up in the air saying 'I don't know! ' lol

plus he always is the one to initiate a conversation with me online first .

At moments he was following me ( walking behind me in the club) when we were moving around and I'd turn around and he'd be really close to my face.. like centimetres lool and he'd be like ' Wow!' and start laughing (he was always smiling and laughing)

When it was time to leave he walked me to the bus and I almost fell on him and gave him a big hug lol.

What just happened here? Does his body language indicate anything? This wasn't a date... right? Does he like me?


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  • It sounds like friends going out, if I could count all the times my guy friend and I got close like

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