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What Type of Flirting Do You Like?

Recently I’ve started putting myself out there again and meeting women. Yesterday I tried something that I’m not used to doing. Flirting. Boldly.

I’m pretty good at holding a decent conversation but I almost never flirt outside of a relationship or a girl I haven’t been dating. When it comes to new women, I always hold back on flirting because I’m afraid of coming off weird or creepy.

But with age comes wisdom and confidence. I’m not weird or creepy. I’m a man who likes women. Generally speaking women are pretty receptive to me introducing myself. Don’t get me wrong I do get rejected but not enough to take it personal.

Most of my trouble has always been internal. Me thinking negatively about myself. Whenever I ignore my thoughts, I do pretty well with the opposite sex. Now that I’m more proactive about self improvement I’m dating again and pushing myself further outside of my comfort zone.

Now I’m flirting.

Yesterday I made it a goal to add flirting to the conversation I have with girls I’m interested in. One particular girl was really into it. She wouldn’t stop blushing and she was laughing at pretty much everything I said. We made plans to go out and after I had that interaction it encouraged me to flirt more. The conversation was fun, interesting and memorable. I realized that if done correctly, flirting can add a lot of positive energy to the conversations.

Normally I introduce myself to a girl, tell her that I’m interested in talking to her for a bit and either we have a conversation or we don’t. A lot of girls are cool with it and some of them I end up dating. I don’t catcall and if a girl says no, I don’t ask why or try to change her mind, I walk away politely.

I’m going to keep experimenting and getting more comfortable with flirting because I really enjoy it and it get good to make that girl smile and laugh. I want to be able to do that in all of my conversations
What Type of Flirting Do You Like?
What Type of Flirting Do You Like?
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