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Was it all in my head?

Well there's this guy who is from another country and I met online. We met in a community of a shared hobby. We seemed to get along super well from day one. We used to talk a lot, very often, almost every day. When I say talk I mean chat, text. He used to ask questions about me, my interest, my life in general, he'd also share a bit about his. He used to ask how my day was, what my plans for the day were and all in all he just seemed to be very very caring. With his comments. And other things. He compliments my pictures. Once asked me if i had a boyfriend. And well. This is just to give you guys an idea. He wants to visit my city, which he has visited before in the past but wants to come back. One day he even said how cool it'd be to meet in person. Now. He suddenly started not communicating as much or as often, he still compliments my new pictures though. I feel like a fool because I took everything as an interest in me but maybe it was just him being nice and that's it. But I'd like to have some other opinions. Please give me so you so much in advance.
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Also, another thing I didn't mention is now he will be online for a long time, go offline, come back online for some more and not respond to my messages the way he used to. I tried to message him a while ago and he did the same thing. I think it might be a clear message
Was it all in my head?
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