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Is this going to turn into something more? Or no?

Basically I have been seeing this guy for about 2 months now, almost everyday. We basically act like a couple, in terms of holding hands, the sweet gestures he does that are not related to sex (kissing my hand, my forehead, complimenting me, cuddling while watching movies) he even tells me he really likes me and cares about me.
This guy and his girlfriend broke up 2 months before we met (at our local pub) so he just came out of a 2 year toxic relationship. I'm going to try and get to the point here...
- I have confronted him before about our situation, saying that I was confused about what was going on. He told me that he had a lot going on and wanted to give me full disclosure, saying that he didn't want to rush into anything (his mom was in the hospital on top of everything going on) this was about a month ago. I believe that he is scared of getting hurt again or of what this could be.
- he texts me everyday to ask how my day is
- when he found out I slept with someone else a month ago, he was really hurt and upset by it, and to this day still brings it up
- he has told me he loves me several times while drunk
So the question here is, do you think it's possible to turn this into something? I know he really likes and cares about me, we have a really strong and passionate connection, the way we met feels like we were supposed to meet. I'm trying to transition into something more without putting pressure on him.
I even asked him to see a movie with me Friday which his response to was "ok, that sounds good".
- we have mutual friends considering we live in the same small local area.
What do you guys think the chances of this turning into boyfriend girlfriend are? And why else would he go see a movie with me if there wasn't something more or if he didn't see me like that?
Is this going to turn into something more? Or no?
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