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Why are women such assholes?

At my college I always hear them talking shit about people, but I NEVER hear men doing that. Men can be physically aggressive sometimes, but even then that's rare.

I always hear things like..
"Omg she is sooo stupid, how is she even in college?"
"Did you see her new boyfriend? She's so ugly and short"

There was another time when a kid in my class was answering a question, and a girl behind me muttered under her breath..
"Just shut up dude, stop talking."

I seriously just want to punch these tards in the face and break their noses. Almost every women I've met is either an asshole, or they're highly religious (Which I think constrains their nature).

Why don't you bimbos just shut up instead of the poor people you harass all the time?
Why are women such assholes?
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