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Am I missing out if I don’t give him a chance?

I’m about to go out with this one guy who I consider as a friend but he expressed he likes me more than as a friend to which I responded I don’t. So it should be clear between us who wants what and if anyone gets hurt, it’s their own fault. However, I’ve been doing a lot of self-development lately including for relationships. Even though I’m not looking for a serious commitment at the moment, I am open to dating and hang out and all. The thing with this guy though is he’s just another one who I am not into but he is into me and he’s so nice to me and makes me feel like I can be myself which is one of the top things I am looking for in my future relationship. But again, I am NOT into him as a person like he’s not my type, I’m not attracted to him and I’m over this already. There’s no like chemistry or attraction. But then I think should I just give him a chance? Am I missing out on something? Cause he has one key thing and that’s making me feel comfortable. But that’s it. He’s very persistent though like he knows I’m not into him unless he forgot or is in denial and he continues to talk to me and trying to ask me out. Honestly I don’t wanna just settle w him just cause he’s a nice guy. But I would love someone I am attracted to to have the balls to approach me if they’re into me like he is doing. Like make a move.
Am I missing out if I don’t give him a chance?
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