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Why cheat after 4 years?

My girlfriend and I have been together 4 years and she's always been faithful. (I think) And so have I. (FOR SURE) I had anger issues and that put a bump in our relationship. But in the past 8 months i have been going to classes. Well she left for an all females treatment center about 8 months ago. (Long story short, she was skipping school and smoking weed so they sent her to treatment, she's not a druggie fyi.) she was there for about 7 months. (Sorry this is taking so long, thanks for sticking it :) ) well fast forward to about a month ago. She finished treatment. She got to come home 1 or 2 times during the weekend to see family. She got put, called me and asked me to move in with her friend, and that she's got another job lined up for me there.. I, of course, accepted. I pack all my things and leave my place. Got rid of it. Moved to her town. And I get here, and 2 weeks goes by and I find out she's cheating on me with my (ex) best friend.. she was snapchatting one of her friends and she didn't know I was behind her. We were in my car when I found out by the way. Anywho, had a job lined up, had a place, lined up with her friend. Well both those ships sailed RIGHT when I got here. No job, no place. So I live with my girls parents and her now, but this is basically like 2 weeks ago, so I have nothing at this point and I gave up everything which wasn't a big deal because I had my love of my life. Then about a week later I found out... we are still together. Got rid of the dude. No contact with him, so she's holding up her part. But when I ask her like what crossed her mind, all she gives me is I don't know..
SO I guess the main question I have is why wait 4 years?
Why cheat after 4 years?
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