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Is it a bad idea to date a man with kids?

A guy I'm talking to has full custody of his two youngest kids. He is 13 years older than me. He has baby mama drama. The ex is bipolar and is addicted to cocaine and alcohol. He claims he has 3 failed marriages and 7 kids in all. These wives cheated on him while in deployment for the army. I really like him because he sweet to me and has a great personality. He is an amazing dad. We only have texted and talked on the phone. He is suppose to come and meet me for the first time this month.

Everyone I know thinks he has too much baggage or he will break my heart because he will eventually go back to his ex if she gets treatment for the drug addiction. The age difference also is a concern for my loved ones. I probably have unresolved daddy issues because me and my dad have a broken bond. This guy makes me feel better loved somehow

I have no kids and have had bad experiences with emotionally unavailable men. I'm also a domestic violence survivor. Is this a bad idea to get involved with this guy?

Any feedback is appreciated 😊
Is it a bad idea to date a man with kids?
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