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Does this girl really like me, or is it all in my head?

There’s is this girl in my grade. She is so pretty. I’ve had feelings for her since freshman year. Ever since late sophomore year, she started sending me mixed signals. Sometimes she talks to me and seems like she can’t get enough of me and others days it’s like she couldn’t care any less. She also stares at me a whole lot. Sometimes I’ll be sitting in class or at a school assembly, and at the corner of my eye I can see her looking at me then when I return eye contact, she looks away quickly. And this happens more than 10 times. Sometimes when she and I pass each other in the halls, when we begin to get closer, she begins to look at her phone or a book, and then after I pass her, she puts it away. I also went to prom with her last year. She seemed to be more relaxed around other boys but when I talked to her she seemed to get quiet and became very filtered and her speech became formal. Plus When I met her parents, they knew almost everything about me and I have never even met them prior. Need advice
Does this girl really like me, or is it all in my head?
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