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Is the guy playing games or is he interested?

So I'm talking to a guy on a dating app who is a 4th year med student. We've been talking for maybe a month. In the beginning he was replying quickly and then the last 2 messages from him were sent 13 days later after my message. Keep in mind during this month, I was in a different state during summer break, as soon as I moved back to the state (where he happens to be from also) I let him know. I asked him if we could exchange numbers and meet up. He gave me his number and said he wouldn't be able to meet for a couple of months because residency apps and rotations out of town. I went ahead and texted him my name and that I understood his busy schedule, but he hasn't replied to that. I can also see he has a whatsapp and he seems to be on that frequently (since I can see the last date he logged in). Also, I just want to mention that he does update his bio pictures, but he doesn't upload new ones, rather adds or deletes the same pictures. And, before he had a whole description in his bio, but after I started talking to him, he deleted that bio, if that means anything. by the way, I'm also in school and have a super busy schedule so dating for me isn't that easy too, which is why I don't mind his busy schedule at the moment either. Am I being played?
Is the guy playing games or is he interested?
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