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Why is "Fat Acceptance" only in relation to WOMEN?

All the body positivity movements are all about women. How women should feel "beautiful" in their body, no matter what size they are. So essentially, they are saying that a 500lbs woman's body is just an attractive as a regular sized woman and any guy who rejects a girl because of her weight is an evil, intolerant pig. OK, so women can be obese and should still be seen as "hot" in the eyes of men. I kind of support this to b honest...


It does NOT go both ways. There isn't any sort of push to make Fat Guys attractive. Like at all. Fat guys are just fat and ugly, and even fat girls refuse to date guys the same weight as them. Girls ONLY find guys who are over 6ft, lean and have muscle as attractive. That. Is. It. Skinny guys are seen as "Eww" by girls, and so are Fat guys.

This is 110% hypocritical. But do women or even the media care? FUCK NO. Such a stupid World we live in, who let it get this bad, like honestly.
Why is "Fat Acceptance" only in relation to WOMEN?
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