I just really want my first kiss!

I'm 17 never been kissed or asked out. I'm sick of being the only girl who can't talk about kissing or their first kiss with the rest of my friends. It's so awkward when they ask my who my first kiss was and I don't say anything. I've approached guys and asked them out but I've been rejected both times so I really don't want to have to go through that again. I just want to know how I can get my first kiss with the guy that I'm crushing on. any ideas will work. thanks


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  • Hey, I think you should just wait for a good guy to come along love you for you. I mean if just go out with some guy to get a kiss, then your first kiss will have no meaning. I'm a 20 year guy, and I've never kissed a girl, I mean I just want to wait for the girl I truly love :) don't worry about your friends and what they say, next time just say that you haven't been kissed and are wanting to wait for the right guy, they should understand if theyre good friends, God has a plan and a spouse for each of us, and if we only kiss one person and it ends up being the person we spend the rest of our lives with, then won't that be a story and why do we need to kiss more than one person anyways :)


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  • Im 16 and I haven't done either as well. I understand that feeling of awkwardness.

  • Girl. I know you'll probably think this is no help but I don't think you can necessarily plan your first kiss. I'm 19 and I just recently got my first kiss. It was so late, I know but that's the way it happened. It was so unexpected and I was so nervous I barely even moved but the guy didn't seem to mind. It wasn't the best kiss but, hey it made my day. Anyway, my point is you can't exactly plan your first kiss. You have to just let it happen. I actually think they may be better when they're unexpected. :]

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