I think it's inappropriate for her to be hanging out with them one on one at their houses. Am I over reacting? Or is something up?

I probably am. I have a tendency to over analyze and that may be the case here.

Last night my girlfriend and I were going to sleep when her phone went off with a text. She said it was from her friend Dan and he wanted her to come over because he was bored. I found the text to be highly inappropriate. While I agree she's entitled to have male friends, I think it's inappropriate for her to be hanging out with them one on one at their houses.

I eventually pretended like I shook it off and tried to get some sleep. But basically got none because I couldn't stop obsessing over how much she must be talking to this dude, and what the nature of their conversations must be if he feels like she would come over at 11P.M. at night because he was bored. She got up and left for work and I sent her a text saying that I hoped she had a great day and that I loved her. Her response: "Yes Sir"

Then tonight, she canceled our plans because she decided we needed some time apart. While I was getting ready to go out she was texting me and told me she's out with Dan having a drink and playing pool. Does this situation seem fishy? Or am I overreacting?

She called me from the bar to ask if I was mad about her hanging out with him. She also told me that he tried to get her to go to his house but that she insisted they go some place public because she knew it made me uncomfortable.


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  • its kinda up in the air bro.. I have an EXTREMELY close girl-friend that I used to be very intrested in romancing, but I subtly found out she wasn't interested, so I kinda squashed those feelings but we still chill more then her and her boyfriends do. a lot of the time we'll take a few drags together, go in the hottub, watch a movie, hike, or just chill and chat. she'll ask me why he does certain things, etc etc.

    i'm not saying she can't be doing something with him, I'm just saying don't assume she is without asking her

    • I think you're right dude. What it boils down to is trust.. and I trust her. So I'm not going to destroy the relationship by over analyzing and being insecure.

    • good, I've seen way to many guys destroy a relationship because of their unfounded suspicions. I would ask tho, cause you are concerned. send her a text one day when she's out with him saying something like "'geeze, who are you dateing? me or dan lol!"

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  • BOOTY TEXT. Yes, this is a fishy situation. Try talking to her about it.

    • @Update: Sounds like you're dating a manipulative person.

    • I'm going to try to bring it up and get a direct answer out of her tomorrow. She played a lot of games in the beginning. I wouldn't be surprised if she were trying to manipulate my better judgement. We'll see if she comes home tonight.

    • Yes. Get the truth out of her. Communication is really important in a rship. Good luck.

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  • its hard but I wouldn't deal with that, 11 @ p.m. not cool. those are boyfriend hours, just seems too fishy, and the fact she sed you guys need time apart is more fishy. f she didn't know dan from her childhood then theyre probably up to something, at least if she's not he is.

    when I love you isn't answered by I love you too then there trouble brewing.

    • Yeah she actually stopped hanging out with this dude because he kept texting her dirty sh*t when he was drunk.

    • yup. yu can trust yur woman but not the guy. WE'RE guys so we know why he's hitting her up @ 11. he's nt jus bored he's horny...

  • sounds not cool to me but its whatever she's not your wife

  • AMEN dude...f*** girls and their "guy friends" bull sh*t