Question about online dating?

So I joined an online dating site because I've been having terrible luck with guys I meet in day-to-day life. I found this guy who seemed to match everything I was looking for so I decided to send him a message. We talked for a few days via email and he was saying how I was the perfect girl and he really wanted to meet me. so I sent him my number yesterday morning, but I still Haven't heard from him.. Is that weird? Do guys usually wait that long (or longer) to contact a girl? Should I send him a message just as a casual what's up or leave it?


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  • If a guy online really likes you and has been talking to you via email then he would call you asap remember that there is a big chance he maybe talking to many other people it is a dating site and has got other numbers maybe try taking there contact number so you won't get and phone calls from guys you have let go and they decide to call a month down the line it happened to me the other day