Women are you offended if a guy walks up to you and skips traditional flirting protocol?

Some men just want one thing and don't want to deal with all the social vagaries. The problem is you all make it so hard for us guys to know what you really want. Even though you want it as bad as we do. Its human nature to desire and to want to be desired. So how can I tell which women are OK with being approached and just straight up asked out. Because times awasting and I need to find a wife despite my quiet tendencies.

Of course I'm not interested in sleazy things, but my mom raised me to not hassle or trouble women. And I don't want women I approach to think I want coital relations with them prior to engagement.

  • Yes, would be offended if random guy approached and asked out
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  • Yes, but only offended if he's not subtle or flirty
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  • No, not offended
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What Girls Said 1

  • C. It sounds like you're trying to rush into marriage, yet you have trouble reading body language and you've been given incorrect dating advice by your mother. Two whole complete adults mutually decide to get married. You can't get married until you have matured and wizened up enough socially, personally, and professionally. You must put time into working on yourself and learning how to effectively communicate with women and date around a bit to figure out your type. Then, you spend about a year getting to know a girl that is your type, and if you find you have similar values and outlooks, you propose. Until then, get out there and mingle. No one's marriage was built in a day.

    • I do not like to mingle, and I have no desire to be more social.

What Guys Said 1

  • So ... how's the quest so far been ?