Flirted..Facebook..Now what!?

So about a week and a half ago now, I asked this guy I liked to dance..He accepted and we talked for about 10 minutes before he had to leave with some friends of his. I just requested to be his friend on Facebook yesterday and he accepted. I really want to ask him to hang out or just get to know him better because I haven't actually ever had a real conversation with him. How can I do that? FB message? Because I never see him in person..



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  • Take your time and wait for him to get online at the same time as you. Messaging him can come off as a little desperate. If its been a week and you still haven't seen him online or heard from him then a message would be OK asking how he is doing or what he has been up to. After a couple of replies then ask him for his cell number and text him. Chances are after a week or two of texting he will ask you to hang out. If not then its OK to bring hanging out up. So all in all give it a few weeks and take your time. Your more likely to get what you want with patience.

  • I guess you would have to facebook message him since you never see him in person, and if he responds then great, if he doesn't then there will be no regrets. If he is really interested in you then he will be very happy to see your message and will want to get to know you aswell. best of luck, bless


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