Is it wrong to kiss/make out at this point? Is he bs-ing?

So I met this guy a week ago at my friend's b-day party. We've been texting each other for a week (even called once), then last night he said he was in the area with his brother and wanted to know if I'd like to go dancing.

When I said that I could stop by, he responded with a lot of excitement; he kept saying how he was really excited that I was coming.

I bring a friend, we dance, and then we practically make out/french kiss for 10seconds at 5 different moments lol my first kiss, but he doesn't have to know that ;)

Now he just texted me and said he wishes he could spend everyday with me, does this sound like bs? Or is he infatuated? dunno

I'm just worried that this would make him think I were easy. I didn't let him grope me, and what I love is that he didn't try (I wouldn't have let him if he tried).


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  • It is very possible that this guy that you just met is infatuated with you, but it is a good sign that he didn't try to grope you which means that he isn't just using. This could actually mean that he respects your boundaries and wishes to see where the "thing" that you two have could go. But the wishing that he could spend everyday with you does sound a bit sudden would advise you to try to keep intimacy at a low until you really start knowing him. Give him a chance though ;some men are overzealous.

    • wow, it's possible he likes me A LOT lol he texts me all the time. I've noticed on the past 2 occasions that his breath could be a little stinky, and he's got white teeth, do you know how I could deal with this lol It's real early, so I hope when I go hiking with him this weekend it won't be a prob

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  • If after you guys kissed and he still acts excited, then I would say that you might have a good chance with him. I wouldn't dismiss it. See how the next week or two goes. If he talks to you a lot and still seems excited and maybe make more plans to see each other, then I would say you probably have a good chance.

    • Yeah, he definitely wants to see me, and still texts me A LOT. He's the first to text me in the morning...I'm just wondering if this is normal behavior of someone who really LIKES you, or someone who is just pretending because he wants to get in my pants. I'm a virgin and he doesn't know that ;)

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    • thanks :) funny thing is that he shows a lot of respect for my boundaries.

    • And that is a very good sign. Right now I don't think ya have anything to really worry about.

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