You're dating but you've never met?

Lol I was talking to one girl on fb and she was telling me she had a boyfriend. I was like oh OK nice thinking she meant a physical tangible boyfriend but no. She told me that she and this guy were dating but they haven't ever actually met...OK.

How is this possible? Sure you can get to know some one a little over the internet but that's nothing close to what it requires to really know someone face to face. She now says she's moving to his state so they can be together. OK I guess what is this? Has technology really made some of us this feeble?

If that's the way it works I must be dating a bunch a people on this cite lol.


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  • after reading the comments your main concern is that people can seem one way online but be totally different in person. that's pretty much the same as in person. how many times have you heard of some girl who fell in love with a guy only to find out after they got married that he was a total jerk? and how many times have you heard about a guy who fell in love with the "girl next door" only to find out that she not so sweet and nice once they've been dating for a few years and she's comfortable with him. you have to take a chance with people no matter if it's real life or online. you never TRULY know a person until you've spent years with them until they are comfortable enough in the relationship to let their guard down. now you may say that this is the exception and not the rule in real life but the same can be argued for online dating. most people online are just trying to find someone that they haven't been able to find in real life and as is the case with you fb friend they talk for a while and then if they feel there is a connection one moves to where the other is. I used to think the same as you then one of my best friends met a guy online she had been talking to him for over a year and one day she told us he was going to visit her and spend a few days at her house. needless to say we panicked. we were worried for her safety it seemed very reckless and she not the reckless type. on top of that she told us if we came over or called she would stop being our friends because she knew we would check in on her constantly but she was willing to be brave and take a chance having the total stranger stay at her house (or at least that's the way we saw it) but about a year after that they got married she's been with him for 10 years they have 2 beautiful children they are still very much in love and he has become one of my best friends he's such a cool & caring person, intellegent, he provides for the family their kids are still young so she is able to stay at home with them until they get a little older. if she would have listened to our paranoia she probably would have ended up with some guy who didn't love her as much as her husband does. she probably would have just settled for some guy beneath her standards that she kept seeing at a local bar which would be worse.

    i can appreciate you old school view on dating because I myself am very wary still when my friends tell me they are dating someone online BUT I realize that times have changed and that more and more people are doing it so the chances of running into some crazy person isn't as likely because there are plenty of people out there tired of the "local dating scene" where the same people are always at the same places and they've all pretty much slept with each other.

    your concerns are valid but we live in a society now where the person you know is just as likely to rape you as the person you don't know. I say more power to these online daters I know I wouldn't have the courage to try it.

    • Thats what I'm saying. People are different in real life compared to computer. You can talk to someone over the comuter and find that they are socially akward, or whatever in person. In my mind there is just not enough info on someone from type to decide if you like them or not. People can be very bold behind screens and timid people in person. Just doesn't work like that.

    • you are forgetting that most people who do online dating these days use web cams to interact it's not just typing. so you can get a sense of how awkward they are about as much as you can with someone you met off the street. if you date a person 1 on 1 face 2 face you have no idea how awkward they are until you introduce them to friends but if you are new to a city and you friends are more like co-workers then you might not want them involved in your dating life so you wouldn't bring them around...

    • and you would still be in a similar situation as with online dating. it's easy for someone to fake being not socially awkward face to face as much as it is for them to fake it online over a webcam it's the same thing!

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  • Lots of people are now meeting in the internet maybe they don't have very good luck with the people near them? they haven't met face to face but there's webcams and things like skype where they can talk of course you have to be careful about this kind of things knowing who the person is saying who he is but you can date someone LDR it can work and some even get married this kind of relationship is based on trust and comunicating a lot keeping in contact and trying to do things together if posible.

    • really? But how can you be dating if you have never met? I mean you may be able to guess that you like this person but you don't really know people until you see them and hang out with them face to face. I can understand the finding people online but dating?Hm

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    • I see makes sense funny cause I havnt found one yet either mayb I should try it but not "dating" online. I may be interested in someone from online but to date we would have to meet first because someone can be one way online and in real life...

    • yeah just to meet new people you have the same interest with its fun and a new experience~

  • I met a guy over summer and talked to him for 7 or so months before even liking him. Now I'm head over heels. You can make the same connection you do in real life. It's more a mental relationship over the internet than a physical one. It is weird to say he's my boyfriend though, or that I'm not single, even though I have no desire to do anything with anyone else. He's got my heart.

    • I see that's interesting it is strange to say he is your bf.

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