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He loves me, but cannot commit?

So, I am seeing a 26-year-old divorced guy.
He met only one girl in his life and was with her for ten years.
But one day, she disappeared.
I mean, literally disappeared, because she didn't want to move to a different state with him.
He begged her, and even almost killed himself, but she didn't come back.

A year passed and he met me.
He showed all those signs that he wanted a relationship.
He showed me his friends and co-workers.
We traveled together, he met my family,
and we talked about serious stuffs
including having a baby together (he brought it up, not me).
And I thought I was on something.

After 2 months of dating, I brought up 'what are we' conversation.
And he said, 'we are romantic'.
I was like wtf, and he told me about his past.
He said he is too scared to commit since he has to move again and I might leave him too.
According to him, he loves me and he even wants to marry me one day, but cannot commit.

I asked him what he wants and his answer was just seeing each other like this until he is ready to commit again.
He said he is not seeing anyone else and he doesn't want to.
But he needs more time to figure out my real intention.

I told him I gotta think about it, and that was it.

Now, what should I do? Should I take his word, or is he not into me that much and making an excuse?
My past relationships were quite simple and I never dated a broken soul before, so I am lost.

Can someone give me some advice?
He loves me, but cannot commit?
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