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Girls, what makes a guy attractive?

What I can change:
Does he have to have lots of muscle?
What about how he dresses? What fashion sense is hot for guys?
Does he have to have super-white teeth?
Does his eyebrows need to be perfectly trimmed?
Does his skin need to be smooth and perfect?
Does his hair need to be trendy and perfectly done?
Does a tattoo help?

What I can't change (which matters the most, sadly)
What height does he need to be?
What shape of nose? And does it have to be small?
Can his eyebrows be thick?
What sort of jawline does he need to have?
Does eyecolor matter?

OK Girls, just answer honestly. Thanks!
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Can you all please stop saying "Confidence". I'm referring to physical attractiveness here. The whole "confidence argument is bullshit. If Leanordo Di Caprio had confidence but so did Jack Black or something, y'all would pick Leo because y'all find him physically attractive...
Girls, what makes a guy attractive?
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