Call after a drunk phone message?

It was my friend's birthday and she got really drunk. I drank too but I wasn't as wasted. Anyways we were calling people and we ended up calling my ex. He was a real asshole and said horrible things to me after breaking up with me. So my friend got my phone and called him at like 4 in the morning while I was asleep. She might have insulted him in the message, she doesn't remember. Anyway what should I say if he calls me? Or should I not even answer?


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  • Just text him and say... hey... we had a party last night and my friend go wasted... some how got a hold of my phone. I don't know what she said, but sorry if it was bad. Just wanted to keep the air clean, so sorry bout any drama she may have started since I wasn't aware. That's it, later. And leave it at that, so the he knows what happens. If he continues contact after that... keep replies short and simple, and if you find a point where you can stop the conversation, leave it at that. Don't end it with "talk to you later" or anything like that. Just let it die out. I'm saying this since I'm assuming you really have no interest to get back with him being that he was an a-hole. Otherwise... *shrug* be nice to him? lol.


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