I met this guy online and we live about an hour apart?

( I am very serious about my relationships, my last one was about 5 years, we were married but divorced now. the one before that was 5 years as well... so I don't have a lot of experience in dating. ) So this guy and I have met and spent a few nights together. He even stayed here for a couple days with is daughter. Things are awesome. He calls me sweetie, we text every day, we hang out online, and see each other when we can. But when people ask me if he's my boyfriend I don't know what to say. I asked him, and he told me why not, its just a word. He said he is liking where he is at right now, being single after 8 years and having that freedom. I understand that being I was there before, but at the same time he told me its not like he will be dating anyone else, and told his friends to stop trying to set him up. I am not sure what to think or if its worth my time to wait. I like him a lot, and we agree we make each other happy and he did tell me he is 'in like' with me. what does this mean|?


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  • It means you are boyfriend and girlfriend, in an exclusive relationship, but give him space, don't be too needy or demanding, let him have his life apart from you as well.

    • Sweet! :) I am giving him his space. I am not a needy demanding kinda girlfriend. Not your typical kinda girl XD I don't wanna mess it up so I will just wait till he shows me he wants it to the next level, I don't mind waiting for something I think is worth my time :) Thanks for your answer!

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