I never asked him to date me, or be my boyfriend ever. just wanted to hang out. What does he mean....

This guy I met one night, we had a great time talking, he was very talkative and very deep with this conversation. He said he was almost feeling like he was ready to stop living life how he was a find someone to settle down with and what not but he didn't know if he could. I told him if he found the right girl, he wouldn't have a problem doing that. he agreed. he told me a few times he was going to stop by my house after that night, but he never did. the other night a friend and I were at a party and he was there as well. I talked with him, we danced, had a few drinks, and when we were leaving I asked him if he wanted to come with, he took it upon himself to explain to me that he's been single for 6 years and he is crazy and he knows this cause he knows himself and that I don't want someone like him in my life as I am basically the opposite from him.and how if he can't really take care of himself, how would he take care of someone else. and that I need to enjoy life and not be looking to settle yet.he agreed we had a very great night before and that he is a deep person. I told him I know, I was there. lol. and I told him I know he is not this guy he is telling me he is, since I can see passed that from the last time we were together and talked. he was very deep and very open with everything he said to me. something I would assume most guys wouldn't do. if ever do. I never asked him to date me, or be my boyfriend ever. just wanted to hang out. get to know him more. why would he say those things to me? what does he mean?


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  • It sounds like he's a pretty self aware guy and based on the deep conversation you two had, he probably is capable of feeling some serious empathy towards you. It sounds like he's had a lot of issues, one can assume at least some are relationship-oriented, and he probably doesn't want to hurt someone that he found he could interact with on the level that you two have. Basically I think he feels he has a good thing going with the rapport you two have and he doesn't want to risk it by falling into his old behaviors that could alienate him from you.

    • Thanks :) That was actually the vibe I was getting from him when he was telling me that stuff. But it's so hard to read some people.

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