Opinions On Dipping?

That's right. Some good ol' lip tobacco.

Guys: Do you dip? What's your take on a girl who dips/chews?

Girls: Would you date a guy who always had a spitter at his side and his lip full of tobacco?


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  • I used to dip grizzy, about a year ago...some guys hated it, and guys that dipped really mostly didn't mind... and I have dated a guy who dipped, no problem... if he or she likes you well enough it shouldn't matter ! :)

    • Yeah, I've noticed that the guys who dipped always thought it was "sexy as hell" if they saw a girl doing it. The guys that didn't dip however, weren't big fans of it.

      I don't mind it either if a guy dips. I think it's pretty manly if a guy does it, and I'd rather a guy dip than smoke! (is that weird? haha)

    • Lol no its not weird honey, just your preference! :)