Forgetting a first kiss

This guy and I were dating and pretty happy. I gave him his first kiss and then went home for the weekend. When I came back he said that he thought we should be just friends and step back. I was shocked because we liked each other a lot. Now its a month later and I really like him again. I think that he was prevented to date me by current circumstances but I'm not sure... isn't your first kiss supposed to mean more than that? does he still like me or is he telling the truth?

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  • It depends on the person. I have like my first kiss and hug and such written down, otherwise I would forget them. But I read that little piece of paper, and instantly remember. But I know I wouldn't if I didn't have it written down. I also have important aim conversations I've had when I was like.. 13 and so close to having a girlfriend with this one girl that got away. So cliche, but yeah.

    Some people I think can just remember that sh*t really easily, and some people it's like really important in their minds. But then other people don't mind it too much, it's just another part of life to them, nothing to dwell on. He probably liked you, and leave it at that, don't think about it so much, if you guys are falling for each other again, so be it. But if not, then not. Move on with your life you know, be happy with people that want to make you happy, and don't forget, but move on from the rest. :D


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