Girls what do you think if ex boyfriend cries?

Everything I've read says don't breakdown and don't let your ex see you cry. She broke up with me but I still love her so much. I wanted to marry her. I want to tell her how I feel and I know I'll cry if/when I do. Do women sympathize and see that the guy genuinely cares for them and truly loves them? Or do you girls take it as a sign of weakness or something negative. Will it help get her back. We were really close and miss each other big time.

btw guys..i'm not saying that I'll surely cry. but I think I probablly will when all the feelings come out. lets see..


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  • Personally, I think it's sweet to see a guy care so much that he cries in front of a girl. It's nice to see guys who don't lock up their feelings. I don't see crying as form a weakness if it's done out of sentiment or genuine sadness (it's only a turn-off if that's how one chooses to deal with his issues on a regular basis). The truth is, we're all human and it happens.

    I'm not sure if it will help you get her back. Whether or not she takes you back depends on how she feels about you. However, I don't believe it will hurt you. Girls like sensitive guys.

    • thank you

    • I agree with you. A sign that he cares, NOT as a sign of weakness at all. I don't know WTF others are saying, that a guy should never look like he's even affected, etc..

    • but if I'm supposed to look like I'm not affected, then won't the tears mess that up?

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  • Well, you might want to not rely just on my advice, because I'm pretty young... But I really think that it depends on the girl. I have friends who would probably freak out if a guy started crying in front of them. However, I personally don't feel that way. Girls can cry, so why can't guys? I would sympathise and feel that yes, this guy really did care for me. Obviously, just as for girls, a guy who cries too much and without good reason is deemed weak. But the feeling you have is a serious one, so you have every right :)

    But take note that if she no longer has feelings for you, seeing you cry about you guys breaking up would probably just irritate her.

    Hope I helped - good luck!

    • thanks

    • In this situation, crying has nothing to do with you showing affection. It simply implies that you're needy and desparate. Remember, she broke up with you so the last thing she wants is you all over her right now. If she knows you're not going anywhere (and she will if you show you need her) then she will be in no hurry to get back together. You, my friend, need to show her that you want her but don't need her.

  • How long is it over between the two of you? If it's a recent break up I would definately advise you to cry and tell her how you feel asap, is there still contact etc? Women love a sensitive guy well all my girlfriends do she probably doesn't even realize how much you care for her

    • thank u

    • Your welcome keep us posted

    • its been like 3 months since the break up.

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