Should I just give up or fight for him?

OK so there is a guy right we'll call him pony boy and in the beginning when we just met I liked him but he didn't like me like that but we would hang out a lot. Then as time passed by I stopped liking him not that he wasn't cool but I met someone else but then he liked me. We haven't talked in a while and we just started talking a while ago and he told me that he really liked me and that he thinks that we make a good couple. And now I like him again and but he did tell me he has a girlfriend now. And we did have a past together before we weren't really ever together but had things going on. So my question is what should I do I really do like him but should I just get over him? Or like fight for him? Not really fight but try to win him?


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  • well don't interfere when he has a girlfriend but if he breaks up with her that's when you start fighting for him