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The ending occured?

I got reported to cops for living unregistered. His dad must of sent spies on me as there is no other way of knowing I had underwear on the radiator, maybe even installed cameras. Why couldn’t he freaking face me at his apartment and tell me rather than making me look like a criminal. His son went from crying and trying to make me stay to agreeing with me saying its over. How could he do so now after he had a talk with dad. I know I’ve done nothing bad besides living with him. His dad even named me a whore and said I’m way too old for him (only 3 years older btw). They spied everything on me. Now I’m just waiting for my stuff back. He was crying now he went on his side.. That guy ain’t shit, I wish I didn’t even know him. Piece of sht.

He lied to me that cops came to his apartment with universal key without presence of owner. Don’t bs me. There is no universal key and they can’t do that. Since he started lying to me, I realized I can’t trust him anymore. I feel played.
The ending occured?
There is no universal key for apartments and cops def can’t come without owner.
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27 d
This dude is messing with me he sent me a heart emoji now? And like several hrs ago I said its over he shud bring my stuff and he said ok. Wtffff reallly
27 d
Um so apparently he called saying he isn't bringing stuff but coming for me.. his dad will sign me up.. when I told I dont believe this shit he said it doesn't matter as long as we love each other. If you end it because of that then you dont love me... soo now I have to go with him... he's not bringing stuff... I don't know man what you tbink guys? He just wants to act like nothing happened
The ending occured?
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