I have people to hang around with... yet I was close to tears today?

so my best friend got an apprenticeship - in result, leaving school. I'm happy for her, really I am. but my other friend also left today and for some reason I feel I have nobody left.

i do have basically two groups of friends so I shouldn't feel this way. yet, one group I just feel like I don't fit in with and the other group who I fit in a bit better with go out of school for lunch (I could go with them but on Fridays I have a music thing) and I just hate school now because my closest friends have left but I have another year to go if I don't leave and I believe its too late to apply for a college course.

i just feel like my worlds falling apart and I have no idea what to do! all through today I've been nearly in tears every time I've thought about how my friends have left

i just really have no idea what to do anymore. I just feel like I hate life - I want all the feelings to go away


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